Cynthia knew she wanted to work in the area of speech when she took elocution lessons in grade 4 in her hometown of Springfield, Massachusetts. During her own professional studies she came to understand that a clear voice and good diction allows a person to progress in business as well as social situations in our free enterprise society. She was frequently involved in local drama groups and storytelling. These activities encouraged her to pursue a clearer understanding of speech and language and it led to her occupation of speech/language pathology. She assisted clients in a variety of settings in Georgia and in Massachusetts. Her interest was piqued by clients’ difficulties with social language; use of American idioms , figurative expressions and speech clarity in a variety of communication settings.

In recent years, Cynthia’s intense interest in the area of the American Accent led to courses that focused on teaching English as a Second language and to create innovative lessons that target critical areas of syllable stress, intonation, word prominence, and linking. These are the greatest stumbling blocks for most second language learners who wish to speak clearly to their colleagues and friends. These specific skills can be the critical difference when attempting to attain an optimal level of clear speech.

Programs offered include small classes, individual tutoring, or workshops through Accent Clear Speech, LLC.


Master of Education in Speech Pathology